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"Some believe that writers make a lot of money. A few do, but many just struggle to earn enough to continue writing. Making a living is a challenge these days for everyone. Don't let the photos fool you. I am not one of those lucky few. I drive a 12 year old car in need of about $3,000 in repairs. But, I'm not complaining. It still gets me from point A to point B. If you have decided to purchase Blood and Magnolias, bless you and thank you for supporting my craft.

This purchase can take place in a number of ways and I encourage you to select one of the purchase avenues to the left that is best for you. If your desire is to give me the most support, please choose PayPal and your U.S. shipping will be just $2.00. Maybe I can get my car fixed. (International purchasers, please use the Createspace link or

If you are making an effort to financially support your local community, ask your favorite book store to order it for you."

Autographed copies available at Omega Books in Peachtree City, Georgia.















When you have read the book, if you aren't totally worn out, please take a moment to go to Amazon
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